Saturday, April 26, 2008

how long until distance becomes a choice?

I post my thoughts and feelings and secrets here more than I should, so I'm going to stop for a bit,
and hand write my secrets and write people stories and send them via little letters in their mail boxes.
I can't watch T.V anymore without feeling lonely or sad, it hurts my brain and my heart.
My anxiety is biteing me on the ass again, and my ever so annoying jitters are back, and I'm nervous all the time.
But i'm fighting it and hideing away until I'm better, it's hard and I can feel myself crumbleing.
I'm off all of my pills almost and I can slowly feel myself dissapearing and reappearing in diffrent ways.
I want to create a space ship and fly us away and meet the monsters that created us, and feel my feet sinking into the moon rather than these grass stained socks.


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