Sunday, January 4, 2009

Glassy Glittered High Heels

I walked down the street with my over-sized high heeled bow tied shoes and false footsteps
I lied to the direction in which I was walking in
I said we'll be there soon if only you keep walking your footsteps will lead you to places where there are galaxy's so close to your eyes that they burn holes through your hollow brain so you piss rainbow vomit for weeks.
I kept walking in search of it peaking down abandoned alley ways and wondering where this place of magical being was.

My feet grew tired and and were pissing out blood from my shoes being to gigantic so I tied the bow around my wrists and they dragged on the ground like I was a prisioner
I left a trail of glitter behind from where my shoes had dragged, it made me smile and gave me hope.

I stopped at a corner store which evidently ended up being a drug infused fairy palace, I asked if I was close to this mysterious world of wonderous things
and they told me to follow my imagination and it will guide me through all of the horrible situations and misfortunes reality will drown me in.

They sold bikes here, and my feet were terribly sore from my journey so I pulled out my last pennys and bought a dull green beamer, it was the most beautiful bike i'd ever seen and I knew we'd adventure through many lands together
I called her Leeny, because when I rode she would always venture to one side of the road

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