Thursday, December 3, 2009

makenosense makesense
These pills make you feel absolutely numb, so fragile and still.
Some times i can't even remember if i've taken a breath in the last hour
it's good though, to feel nothing at all, i'm like a space cadet
or a special kind of human with super powers
who can turn on and off at anytime that it pleases.

it covers most of the pain up like a band aid on a bloody knee.
you can walk down a street and feel nothing at all
drag your fingers accross the bricks on the walls and avoid getting hurt
the people who pass you will always walk in slow motion
like a movie that's meant to make you feel spaced out or something.
I guess watching those beatings on your mother when your a child gives you some sort of brain damage that finds a spot in your head and just hides there until you feel sad enough to think about it all again
it feels like a bomb has just reached it's peek and in that split second you know everthing is over for the next two hours and everyone you speak will hurt more than the last.

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